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Reborn Properties is here for you and all of your property needs. Whether you are in need of a complete restoration, regular landscape maintenance, or a hardscape project to complete your outdoor hangout.
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Yard Restoration

This is our main service that is the most sought after. The restoration consists of a completely revamping your yard and bringing it back to life. Our clients love this service as it completely changes the look of their home. Think of it as a “makeover” for your yard.


  • Build equity in your property
  • Create curb appeal
  • Revamp your outdoor space
  • Create living art piece

Landscape Maintenance

Our maintenance plan usually coincides with our yard restoration service. Once we have your yard to the proper standard we like to maintain that standard. We will set up a schedule that fits best for your yard’s unique needs and take care of it on a regular basis.


  • Flexible scheduling
  • Competitive pricing
  • No contracts
  • Clean and maintained yard

Landscaping / Hardscaping

We provide amazing landscaping and hardscaping design features to make your property really shine. In addition to great looks, landscaping and hardscaping can add quite a bit of equity to your home. Anything from driveways to patios, gazebos, landscape lighting and more.


  • Driveways & Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Water Features

Experienced Edmonds Landscapers

We are a small local landscaping company with over 20 years of local PNW landscaping knowledge and experience. We have helped and maintained local properties with landscaping needs and other handyman services with our large network of experienced professionals.